CC-Assist has been one of the best investments we could ever make. Our website is easy to use, eye-catching, and already becoming a go-to tool for our members and community. In addition, the software has been easy to learn and has allowed us access to data and tools that give us information we never had before, with just a click of a button.

What has been the biggest blessing has been the amazing customer service. The staff at CC-Assist truly care and want to make sure your Chamber has the best experience. I have never had this amazing customer service with any other website, software, or equipment.

The investment is worth every penny and at a much more affordable price than many other services out there.

Candi Westbrook
Executive Director
Coffeyville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber Data Systems support staff is always friendly, accommodating, and willing to go the extra mile to address any concerns we have about the program. Many times our “wish list” items end up being incorporated into future versions of the program, indicating their commitment to meeting the needs of their customers.

Kevin Jeffries
Leawood Chamber of Commerce

I began working with Chamber Data Systems only a few short months ago, and every day I’m more glad our Chamber took the plunge. As a one person office, time management is invaluable. [CC-Assist] truly has simplified our operations and given me more time to grow our foundation. Now I touch data once and it is everywhere I need it to be – leaving my time to be spent elsewhere, inside or outside the office.

The tutorials are well put together, and walk you through everything you need to know, or revisit – and their staff is simply stellar. Response time is amazing, and they are always able to resolve my problem or question timely and accurately. They’ve even gone out of their way to help make sure the platform interfaces perfectly with our dual purpose website (Chamber & Visitor Center). The praise I have for them doesn’t seem like it says enough!

Vanessa Jusczak
Executive Director
Denali Chamber of Commerce

We have been using CC-Assist since 1997. When I arrived in 2011, I discovered we had not updated our software since 2003. I contracted with Chamber Data Systems to upgrade our database. That can be a scary event but CDS worked with us to back up the database, help us clean up the database, and convert to the new version. It went flawlessly! Everything worked and the process was totally transparent to our members.

In 2019 we decided to create an entirely new website as our old one was not user friendly and could not communicate with CC-Assist, so we were doing double entry. The bid that CDS submitted was extremely reasonable considering we were starting from ground zero. Once we committed, we had several phone meetings to discuss the format and layout we wanted in the new site. We’re a small chamber so I wanted a website that would make it easier for us to serve our members without a heavy commitment of staff time. After accepting the proposal, I worked with CDS for nearly four months to develop a beta version for testing. As we made changes CDS was extremely responsive and I told people I’d never had such good customer service. My requests or changes were often taken care of within an hour. We continually kept refining the site and finally rolled out the new website on June 17, 2019. It worked perfectly from the start and continues to run flawlessly. There were a lot of changes for us and our members, but our goal was to create a user friendly, informational website that offered our members several value-added features to help them promote their businesses. Every comment I’ve received has been nothing but positive and we are now poised to move to a new level of service to our members.

I have nothing but good words to say about CDS, CC-Assist, and their developers and staff. I’d work with them again without hesitation.

Dr. Richard Fleming
St. Mary’s County Chamber of Commerce

I have been a fan of CC-Assist since we began using it at a former Chamber in the late eighties. Since then I have utilized CCA at my last two Chambers. I think my loyalty speaks for itself and/or to the continued excellent service we receive.

[CC-Assist] integrates perfectly with our website, event registration, news, promotions, job postings and more. You can always count on me as a big fan and definitely someone who will refer others to CCA.

Sharon Mayer
President & CEO
Allen-Fairview Chamber of Commerce

I have been with the Spencer Chamber for 16 months. Prior to my arrival, the Spencer Chamber started using CC-Assist/Chamber Data Systems, I was completely unfamiliar with the program. The team at CC-Assist has been great to work with and extremely helpful as myself and the rest of the staff at the Spencer Chamber learn the capabilities that exist with CC-Assist. Adding a CRM program was a step in the right direction for our Chamber and CC-Assist has filled that gap wonderfully.

Chamber Data recently redesigned our website and we couldn’t be happier with the product. It is so beneficial to our members to have a website that interfaces with CC-Assist. We are happy and our members are beyond excited. I am continuously amazed at the capabilities that CC-Assist provides to our chamber members.

The response time, friendly staff, and knowledge is also very much appreciated. We always feel like we are a priority. The dependability of Chamber Data even throughout the pandemic with both our staff and their staff working remotely has not wavered.

Sheriffa M. Jones
Executive Director
Spencer Chamber of Commerce

Making the switch to CC-Assist as our website provider was a no-brainer.

Our chamber has been utilizing CC-Assist as our primary CRM system for a while and we have always been pleased with their response time and high customer service standards. They are constantly improving the functions of the system to make it easier and more effective for their clients.

Using the templated formats for the designing and building of our new website with them was just as seamless. They walked us through everything step by step and we were able to integrate all of the features we wanted. Again, the customer service on the website design and the training for upkeep was stellar. Their expertise with website development and maintenance, along with the knowledge of the Chamber field, is exactly what we were looking for. We are very happy with our decision to continue our partnership with CC-Assist and their great team.

Katie Eaton
Michigan City Chamber of Commerce

With a staff of two and the workload of five, having reliable, quick responses when problems arise was a top priority when researching potential Chamber software companies. We selected CC-Assist because of the user friendly dashboard and outstanding customer service.

Later, when we redesigned our website, we didn’t even research other companies- we went directly to CC Assist knowing that we would be in good hands from the design phase, to training, to launching.

Jeannine Beck
Executive Director
Mid-County Chamber of Commerce

Our Chamber has been a customer of Chamber Data Systems, Inc. since 1986. The ongoing training and support provided by Chamber Data Systems is the best in the business! Their team is more than willing to help and respond to issues, and they are willing to listen to suggestions for future enhancements. Some of our requests have already been incorporated into the current CC-Assist.NET program.

Since we implemented CC-Assist.NET we have improved office efficiency, which have allowed staff to focus on more important things, such as member services and retention. A number of valuable features have been added to the program, for example, we can access our information faster and more efficiently and easily memorize custom reports for future use.

In addition, the automatic integration of information and payments entered online through our custom New Member Application page, Members-only and the Calendar of Events CC-Assist.NET online pages have allowed us to receive more pre-payments and increase our number of new members more than what we had prior to utilizing this system.

Cathy Young
Director of Member Services
Lee’s Summit Chamber of Commerce

[CC-Assist] has been a Godsend to our small chamber affording us the opportunity to invoice with ease and add members to our website with a few strokes of the keyboard. Our members are excited with the new features on our website, which allows anyone to find chamber members quickly.

We believe these new features will become selling points to potential members, thus paying for itself, easily. The staff at CC-Assist always answers questions quickly and the tutorials are always there to assist us as well. Anyone who is thinking about cost versus benefits will be pleased.

Our best decision in years!

Jerry Ray Speck, MBA
Executive Director
Idabel Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture

I’ve been a chamber executive for twenty years and have worked with four different CMS for chambers. While no system is perfect, CC-Assist is the most intuitive and easiest to learn along with having all the features needed to keep our Chamber current and connected with our members. The customer support is the best in the industry. The website CC-Assist designed for us is contemporary and easy to keep updated. We are very pleased with this relationship and the benefits it provides our members.

Holly Hicks Dougherty
Mount Vernon Lee Chamber of Commerce

[Note: Current CC-Assist user who switched from ChamberMaster]
I have been so happy with CC-Assist and the ease of use!

I also cannot say enough about the customer service. [The CC-Assist support team] has been so helpful throughout the conversion from our prior management system. [They are] always quick to respond and patient with my questions and any issues I may have.

The more I use CC-Assist, the more pleased I am with taking the step to make this our Chambers’ management software program.

Marian Walters
Executive Director
Valley Center Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Data Systems’ products meet all our needs and their staff will address any new ones that come up with courtesy, professionalism and in a timely fashion. The cost of these services are both reasonable and affordable. They help you every step of the way. As services evolve and change, Chamber Data Systems is a great partner to help put them in action. I couldn’t recommend them more, and I could not be happier.

Ronald Sanders
Executive Director
Wharton Chamber of Commerce

The Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber has been a satisfied client of Chamber Data Systems since 1995. Their CC-Assist software seamlessly coordinates all aspects of running our chamber, and we consider our relationship more of a partnership than that of a client-customer.

CC-Assist works with our website, making it easy for companies to join the chamber, register for events, post their job openings, promotions, news articles, and update their own online business profiles. They can pay for everything online, and it automatically enters their payments in the database. CC-Assist is a very efficient member database for our chamber staff. Events and new members are instantly uploaded to our website. We can generate reports needed for accounts receivable, accounts payable, event statistics, and member inquiry statistics. Any report we can conceive, CC-Assist can produce it!

The Chamber Data Systems staff is always upgrading the services they offer and are always available to answer our questions and consider our ideas for future upgrades. Chamber Data has recently added a library of instructional videos to help our new staff learn, at their own rate and availability, how to make their jobs easier with CC-Assist’s all-encompassing capabilities.

The Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber has reviewed and compared proposals from other chamber software providers in the past, and we have always chosen to stay with Chamber Data Systems for all our database and software solutions needs.

Sheryl Geralds
Operations Manager
Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce