CC-Assist has been one of the best investments we could ever make. Our website is easy to use, eye-catching, and already becoming a go-to tool for our members and community. In addition, the software has been easy to learn and has allowed us access to data and tools that give us information we never had before, with just a click of a button.

What has been the biggest blessing has been the amazing customer service. The staff at CC-Assist truly care and want to make sure your Chamber has the best experience. I have never had this amazing customer service with any other website, software, or equipment.

The investment is worth every penny and at a much more affordable price than many other services out there.

Candi Westbrook
Executive Director
Coffeyville Area Chamber of Commerce

We have been a partner with Chamber Data Systems for more than 20 years. The professional and knowledgeable staff has seen us through many CC-Assist program updates, conversion to CC-Assist.NET, a cloud-based system, and integration with QuickBooks. The team could not have been any more patient or supportive throughout each step.

Valerie P. Blake
Vice President
Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce

CC-Assist has made our lives, and our members lives, so much easier! RSVPing for events, communicating with members and integrating information on our website are just a few of the ways we’ve been able to utilize CC-Assist. We are very happy customers!

Brittany Willison
Communications & Marketing Coordinator
Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce

[Note: Current CC-Assist user who switched from ChamberMaster]

I have been so happy with CC-Assist and the ease of use!

I also cannot say enough about the customer service. [The CC-Assist support team] has been so helpful throughout the conversion from our prior management system. [They are] always quick to respond and patient with my questions and any issues I may have.

The more I use CC-Assist, the more pleased I am with taking the step to make this our Chambers’ management software program.

Marian Walters
Executive Director
Valley Center Chamber of Commerce

Our Chamber has been a customer of Chamber Data Systems, Inc. since 1986. The ongoing training and support provided by Chamber Data Systems is the best in the business! Their team is more than willing to help and respond to issues, and they are willing to listen to suggestions for future enhancements. Some of our requests have already been incorporated into the current CC-Assist.NET program.

Since we implemented CC-Assist.NET we have improved office efficiency, which have allowed staff to focus on more important things, such as member services and retention. A number of valuable features have been added to the program, for example, we can access our information faster and more efficiently and easily memorize custom reports for future use.

In addition, the automatic integration of information and payments entered online through our custom New Member Application page, Members-only and the Calendar of Events CC-Assist.NET online pages have allowed us to receive more pre-payments and increase our number of new members more than what we had prior to utilizing this system.

Cathy Young
Director of Member Services
Lee’s Summit Chamber of Commerce

CC-Assist has drastically improved our operating efficiency and service to our members. It has enabled us to reduce our data entry points from five to one, quick and easy, data entry point. The software has also provided us with numerous promotional and advertising options we offer to our members. Some of these options are included with membership, improving membership retention, and others have created a source of non-dues revenue for our Chamber.

And the customer service from CC-Assist is unbeatable.

The new integrated web hosting and web site really catapulted our membership benefits to a whole new level. Our Chamber would not have grown as quickly as it did without CC-Assist.

Julie Murray
Executive Director – Retired
Heber Springs Area Chamber of Commerce

[Note: Current CC-Assist user who switched from ChamberMaster]
My first experience using ChamberMaster was to enter a new member. It was so difficult and frustrating that I was quickly ready to switch to another program.

We are a small chamber and CC-Assist is a well thought out program that meets our needs nicely. It’s much more user friendly, and it makes sense where to input information. The biggest PLUS is knowing that I don’t have to keep buying modules just to make it work to fit our needs. The cost is certainly affordable. And with the ad feature included with CC-Assist, you can sell banner ads to pay for your subscription!

Most importantly, CC-Assist’s customer service is impeccable.

Janice Corriveau
Executive Director
Greater Abbeville Chamber of Commerce

With a staff of two and the workload of five, having reliable, quick responses when problems arise was a top priority when researching potential Chamber software companies. We selected CC-Assist because of the user friendly dashboard and outstanding customer service.

Later, when we redesigned our website, we didn’t even research other companies- we went directly to CC Assist knowing that we would be in good hands from the design phase, to training, to launching.

Jeannine Beck
Executive Director
Mid-County Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber Data Systems support staff is always friendly, accommodating, and willing to go the extra mile to address any concerns we have about the program. Many times our “wish list” items end up being incorporated into future versions of the program, indicating their commitment to meeting the needs of their customers.

Kevin Jeffries
Leawood Chamber of Commerce

…we have been VERY pleased with the system. It is user-friendly and even those who are a bit “computer challenged” are able to send blast emails to committees or to generate reports with a bit of instruction. We’ve found that it addresses the needs of a chamber quite sufficiently.

We have also been pleased with the technical support we’ve received from the CC-Assist staff. They are available, knowledgeable and willing to help us through whatever concern we may have-whenever we need them.

Deb Mathis
Communications & Events Coordinator
Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce

We upgraded to CC-Assist.NET and have found that our efficiency and productivity have increased substantially, ultimately enabling us to provide better and more valuable service to our membership. The Chamber Data Systems staff provided outstanding support before, during and after the transition, and responds to our needs in a timely manner, with consistently exceptional customer service.

Karen Sheldon
President – Retired
Georgetown Chamber of Commerce

We have been a proud member of the Chamber Data Systems Family since 2003. CC-Assist has given us many capabilities to streamline staff time in managing our members. We are thrilled to now be using CC-Assist.NET.

The customer service provided to us by the team at Chamber Data Systems is second to none. They quickly respond to our problems and take every step to resolve our issues quickly & effectively. I couldn’t be happier with the product or the team at Chamber Data Systems.

Kristi Howell
Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce

I have been a fan of CC-Assist since we began using it at a former Chamber in the late eighties. Since then I have utilized CCA at my last two Chambers. I think my loyalty speaks for itself and/or to the continued excellent service we receive.

The .NET version integrates perfectly with our website, event registration, news, promotions, job postings and more. You can always count on me as a big fan and definitely someone who will refer others to CCA.

Sharon Mayer
President & CEO
Allen-Fairview Chamber of Commerce

The Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber has been a satisfied client of Chamber Data Systems since 1995. Their CC-Assist software seamlessly coordinates all aspects of running our chamber, and we consider our relationship more of a partnership than that of a client-customer.

CC-Assist works with our website, making it easy for companies to join the chamber, register for events, post their job openings, promotions, news articles, and update their own online business profiles. They can pay for everything online, and it automatically enters their payments in the database. CC-Assist is a very efficient member database for our chamber staff. Events and new members are instantly uploaded to our website. We can generate reports needed for accounts receivable, accounts payable, event statistics, and member inquiry statistics. Any report we can conceive, CC-Assist can produce it!

The Chamber Data Systems staff is always upgrading the services they offer and are always available to answer our questions and consider our ideas for future upgrades. Chamber Data has recently added a library of instructional videos to help our new staff learn, at their own rate and availability, how to make their jobs easier with CC-Assist’s all-encompassing capabilities.

The Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber has reviewed and compared proposals from other chamber software providers in the past, and we have always chosen to stay with Chamber Data Systems for all our database and software solutions needs.

Sheryl Geralds
Operations Manager
Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Data Systems has been instrumental in our ability to efficiently handle growth of our chamber and the implementation of a new website. CC-Assist.NET has enabled us to offer new opportunities to our members while allowing us to handle events, new members, renewals, regular invoicing, etc., in a much more streamlined fashion.

The staff is the most patient of any I’ve ever worked with! Love Chamber Data Systems!

Deb Pinson
President – Retired
West St. Louis County Chamber of Commerce