Chamber Data Systems licenses CC-Assist to an organization on renewable one-month terms. Users pay an initial license fee which includes installation guidance, training, and development of Web page templates. The initial license fee also includes database conversion for users upgrading from a prior generation of CC-Assist. Database conversion to CC-Assist from other programs can be completed for an additional fee. The monthly renewal license fee includes one subsequent month of use, one subsequent month of software maintenance, and updates that include enhancements and new features as they become available.

All features in CC-Assist, including marketing and advertising opportunities, are available to all licensing organizations. The monthly license renewal fee is scaled to approximate the amount of resources consumed by an organization.

The Monthly renewal license fee is based on:

Number of Users
A portion of the license fee is based on the number of users that can access the CC-Assist administrative application simultaneously. Licensing by the number of simultaneous users allows you to run CC-Assist on as many computers as you want, but only pay for the level of usage you need. To better understand this and determine the level of licensing that you need, consider the following example. Suppose you have five computers on your local area network (LAN). CC-Assist can be installed to run on all five computers. But your organization’s use of CC-Assist may vary from user to user. Some users may work in it throughout the day, while others may have only an occasional need to use it. Based on the pattern of usage, you may decide you need only a 3-user license. In that case, any three users can be running CC-Assist at the same time. The license prevents an attempt to run it on a fourth computer until a user exits CC-Assist on one of the other computers.
Number of Active Members
A portion of the license fee is based on the number of active members in each of your online databases. CC-Assist allows you to create records for prospective members as well as retain the records for dropped members. An active member is typically defined as one listed in your online directory and/or that has access to the Members-only page on your Web site.

An “On-the-go” package may be purchased to use CC-Assist on computers outside of the office. Request a Free Quote or Contact Us for more information about our services.