CC-Assist Overview

CC-Assist allows you to offer compelling benefits to your members, generate non-dues revenue, streamline your work processes, and provide your staff a user-friendly management program that is flexible enough to adapt to your chamber’s changing needs over time.

CC-Assist is comprised of an administrative application and a suite of Web pages that display information directly from your database. Changes you make to your data through the administrative application are immediately visible on your website. We can either build a complete website for you as a package solution, or we can provide you with a suite of pages which integrate seamlessly into your existing website.

CC-Assist interfaces directly with several third-party applications including QuickBooks, Facebook, EZ Texting, MS Word, Excel, and Outlook. You can easily send blast e-mails or personalized e-mails directly from CC-Assist via MS Office. The sophisticated design which underlies CC-Assist makes it exceptionally fast and allows you to work with your data in an offline mode when no internet connection is available.

CC-Assist gives you the ability to:

  • Send transactions directly to your QuickBooks desktop application eliminating duplicate entry
  • Easily configure thousands of important reports which can be memorized for future access
  • Design visually appealing communications and Web content using a MS Word-like visual designer
  • Efficiently communicate with members via emails and texts
  • Make data-driven decisions using an Executive Summary report
  • Create batch or individual invoices for dues, non-dues, events, etc.
  • Process automatic debits and apply late fees to invoices
  • Simplify event management with:
  • Online registrations including payments
  • Member and non-member registrations
  • Group and individual registrations
  • Event sponsorships
  • Maximum attendee limits
  • Procedures to send mass advertisements and reminders for upcoming events
  • Navigate easily through your data via customizable tabular views which can be sorted and searched by any column

CC-Assist currently includes the following online Web pages/services:

  • Business directory with enhanced listings and advertisements
  • Members-only
  • Standard online membership application
  • Member promotions with online submission form
  • Job postings with online submission form
  • Chamber calendar of events with online registrations
  • Community calendar of events with online event submission form
  • News updates with online submission form
  • Request info form
  • Please visit our demo site to view examples of the above CC-Assist online pages.