About Us

In the early 80’s most chambers of commerce used manual systems to maintain membership lists, handle member dues and billing, and perform general accounting functions. The few chambers with computers used a hodge-podge of software packages such as mailing list programs, database programs, and spreadsheets which could not communicate with each other and exchange data. Together with a representative of a north Dallas Chamber, Alan Anderson founded Chamber Data Systems, Inc. and developed the first comprehensive and integrated PC software tailored specifically for chambers of commerce. A short time later, JoAnn McDonough joined as Vice President of Marketing, and the company was on its way.

The software, CC-Assist, is now in its fifth major release and is easily the most powerful, reliable, and easy to use package available. Since its introduction, nearly 1,000 chambers of commerce have chosen CC-Assist as their primary administrative tool. Each successive version includes new functionality and enhancements based on feedback from nearly 3000 chamber staff members who have used CC-Assist during its life.

The sole business activity of Chamber Data Systems continues to be selling and supporting CC-Assist and improving it to meet the ever-growing needs of chambers of commerce.

Meet Our Team

If there is any one thing that describes our corporate personality, it is that we are passionate about developing powerful software that is practical and easy to use, and we take pride in maintaining the highest level of craftsmanship in every detail. Providing CC-Assist to chambers of commerce has allowed us to do what we love and do best.

We have worked with hundreds of chambers of commerce and thousands of their staff people. We strive for our relationships with our customers to be one of partnership: we do what we do best so that our customers can best do their jobs. These relationships are one of our most valuable assets.

The advances in computer technology and the internet are amazing, and we are excited about where it is taking us. We will continue to do what we have always doneā€”take advantage of the latest technology and offer great products, services, and support. Keep an eye on these pages for announcements of things to come.

Florence Durant

After earning a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University, Florence completed a work exchange stint in New Zealand working as an engineer. Upon returning in 1997, she joined Chamber Data Systems and was active in all aspects of the business including a principle role in the development of CC-Assist 8.0. She left Chamber Data Systems in 2000 to join a start-up technology firm where she participated in and managed the development of new technologies and progressed to the position of Chief Technology Officer. She re-joined Chamber Data Systems in 2005 as President. Upon returning, she architected and led the development of the next generation of CC-Assist software, CC-Assist.NET.

Ryan O'Connor

A Magna Cum Laude graduate of Oklahoma State University and proudly sporting a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics, Ryan joined Chamber Data Systems in mid 2009 and bears the company wide distinction of being most-likely-to-be-correct. His thoroughness is evidenced in the stability and dependability of his work.

Luke Atchison

A graduate of Texas A&M school of Business, Luke is adept at providing creative insights to business problems. His poise and flare for style are evidenced in many Chamber Data Systems endeavors including the CC-Assist Dashboard, Video Library, and Website. Luke’s enthusiasm for his work is an inspiration to all those he works with.

Brittney McAdams

A Magna Cum Laude graduate of Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech, Brittney’s unique designs and innovative ideas are displayed in every aspect of Chamber Data Systems including the social media pages, marketing and advertising promotions, and CC-Sites websites. Brittney’s eagerness to learn gives our marketing department a competitive advantage.

JoAnn McDonough

JoAnn had a wide range of business experience before joining Chamber Data Systems. She co-owned and operated a business, served as Supervisor of Nutrition Marketing Services at General Mills, was Contracts Administration Manager for a software company, and as a free-lance writer, wrote speeches, magazine, and nutrition-related marketing materials. JoAnn holds a B.S. degree from Texas Christian University.

Alan Anderson

Before forming Chamber Data Systems, Alan had extensive experience in the computer industry including software engineering and development, project management, business management, marketing, recruiting, teaching, writing, and consulting. He held numerous product and project management positions at EDS, and served as Corporate Systems and Programming Manager at Steak and Ale Restaurants of America. As a consultant, Alan managed the development of numerous software products for major corporations including EDS and USLIFE Systems. Alan holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mathematics from Texas Tech University. Alan retired as President of Chamber Data Systems in January, 2005.