Make Any Page in Your Website a Members Only Page

Just Released: WordPress Plugin to Make Any Page in Your Website a Members-only Page.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, chambers must convert their face-to-face interactions with members to online services to ensure responsible social distancing. More than ever, chambers need flexible website space where they can share information exclusively with their members.

CC‑Assist has released an easy-to-use WordPress plugin to allow our users to convert any page in their WordPress website into a Members-only page by restricting access to the page using the Rep login. Previously, this plugin was only available to users with a CC‑Assist website. This plugin is still available free of charge with all new and existing CC‑Assist websites. CC‑Assist users who have a WordPress website that was not designed by CC‑Assist may now get this plugin for a one-time setup fee of $50.

To serve our users that do not have WordPress websites, we have developed a secondary utility to provide controlled access to Web pages using the Rep login. CC‑Assist users who do not currently have a WordPress website may create pages in their website and send us the URL for these pages. We will return to them a URL which requires viewers to enter a Rep login before they are redirected to the page. CC‑Assist users may then publish this URL to control access to the page. This CC‑Assist secured page utility is available to all our users free of charge.

Contact us today to get started using the Members-Only WordPress Plugin or our Secured Page Utility!